On behalf of the cynological movement and the FCI General Committee, I am very pleased to convey my warmest greetings to all of you on the occasion of the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. This is not your regular World Dog Show. The VDH accepted a great challenge to organize a FCI World Dog Show in less than two years, showing their commitment to the FCI and its relevance and the continuity of the most important event of the Dog World. We will be forever grateful for the commitment and determination of the German cynological family. One year after the successful World Dog Show in Moscow, in the following four days, we will experience the German ingenuity, discipline and passion to organize world class event. I am confident that the 2017 FCI World Dog Show will set a new bar for future events. As you know, for the Federation Cynologique Internationale, the World Dog Show is about more than just 4 days of exceptional sporting competition. They are also a catalyst to bring the dog world together. To different cultures to convene, learn and teach. Days to put our differences aside and focus our energies to celebrate humans’ best friend, DOGS. Before concluding, I would like to express all my thanks to the VDH for its tireless efforts in developing and promoting cynology not only in Germany, but around the world and making the 2017 FCI World Dog Show possible. With more than 24,000 dogs entered in competition, the 2017 FCI World Dog Show will be one that will be remembered for years to come.

Please accept my very best wishes for the success of the 2017 FCI World Dog Show.

Rafael de Santiago FCI President


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