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World Dog Show & German Winner Show

90.000 visitors joined the world’s biggest dog show!

More than 31.000 dogs - out of 330 different breeds - competed at the world’s biggest dog show in Leipzig. Never before there have been so many dogs united at a certain place. And they originated from 73 different nations! An unforgettable event which attracted 90.000 visitors.

Dog Diving European Championships

The sport that will make a splash at the World Dog Show

Dog diving has truly taken off: more and more dogs and people are now passionate about this sport that traces its origins back to 1997 in the USA and has since become officially sanctioned. At the World Dog Show & German Winner Show in Leipzig, the Dog Diving European Championships will be held on Sunday, 12 November.

The FCI Dog Dancing World Championships

108 entrants to dance for World Championship title

Nobody was expecting this record-breaking number of entries: including the reserve teams, 120 competitors will travel to Leipzig for the FCI Dog Dancing World Championships. A truly exciting competition is expected.

The German Agility Championships

The sporting highlight of the year

They are the best agility competitors in Germany, and they are travelling to Leipzig in pursuit of the coveted “German Agility Champion” title. Leipzig will also host an international agility tournament as part of the World Dog Show & German Winner Show.

The biggest dog show in the world!

Over 31,000 dogs set to visit Leipzig

With the record number of 24,692 total entries, the World Dog Show taking place from 9–12 November in Leipzig is not just the biggest dog show in the world, but the largest that has ever been held in the history of the World Canine Organisation (FCI).

The Biggest Dog Show in the World

20,000 dogs to come to the World Dog Show

It will be the biggest dog show of the year. And a top-class international competition – entrants to the World Dog Show 2017 will be travelling from over 60 countries to Leipzig. Over 20,000 pedigree dogs are expected on the exhibition grounds “Leipziger Messe” from 8–12 November. Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V. (VDH, the German Kennel Club) is proud to present this spectacular highlight of the annual canine calendar.

The Finnish Kennel Club and the German Kennel Club agree on cooperation regarding the World Dog Show

The Finnish Kennel Club’s subsidiary company Showlink Oy offers their dog show services and the digital system for entries, dog shows, result service, and recording of results for Germany and the World Dog Show 2017. The Finnish Kennel Club and the German Kennel Club Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen made a cooperation agreement on 22 December 2016.

The World Dog Show in Germany is to be held on 9–12 November 2017 in Leipzig.

World Dog Show Leipzig 2017

By request of the FCI the VDH (German Kennel Club) agreed to organize the World Dog Show in the time 9th to 12th November 2017 in Leipzig. We are pleased that the FCI has given the VDH the honourable and ambitious task of hosting the World Dog Show 2017. It will be the seventh World Dog Show in Germany (1935, 1956, 1973, 1981, 1991, 2003 and 2017).

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