Chris Amoo
Great Britain
Chris Amoo

We first started showing Afghan hounds in 1979. We had a very successful time breeding & owning many Champions including a Crufts Hound Group winner Champion Ashihna Raoul & our homebred Crufts Best in show winner Ch Viscount Grant. I fell in love with Irish Wolfhounds while competing against the great Ch Drakesleat Kyak & had our first Dog from Zena Thorn Andrews. He was Called Drakesleat Odyn & became our first Champion & was also a Group winner. We then acquired our foundation bitch from Zena, Drakesleat Adyr who also became a Champion. That was back in 1989, since then there have been many Champions & stud book winners. The most notable ones have been Ch Caredig Kava of Sade   a multiple Group & best in show winner -  Ch Bokra Wallace & Ch Bokra Anarchy to Sade. Both Group winners. Ch Sade Jynnx CC at Crufts & her brother Ch Sade Porryk sire of Wallace. We were Best of Breed at Crufts last year with Anarchy. I have had the honor of judging Irish Wolfhounds many times in England including the IWC. & abroad in America, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Sweden, EIWC,  Czech Rep & Ireland. I am also judging Crufts 2018. I look forward very much to judging at the W.orld Show

Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel
Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel

Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, widowed, no children, 2 Doberman.

I have been FCI-judge since 1975 and I am registered in the Germanjudging list. I am specialist for 63 different breeds and in 1987 I qualified as an allrounder.

I started breeding Basset Hounds about 35 years ago. My bitch was the first Basset Hound of all FCI-countries to achieve the title "Champion International de Beaute". My first male Basset Hound won 13 Champion-titles and was awarded 3 working certificates.

As I always longed to have a big dog, on behalf of my birthday in the year 1985 my husband surprised me with a Doberman. This dog "Graf Guido vom Franckenhorst", bred in the Netherlands held 20 Champion-titles in 13 different countries and sired many bitches coming from almost all parts of the world with the result of more than 1.600 puppies.

We lived in South Africa for five years, but after the death of my husband I moved back to Germany in 2003.

I have judged in nearly all parts ofthe world, for instance in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech. Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kasachstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe. I judged very often in Germany. I am looking forward to this show.

Petra Bannach
Petra Bannach

My "dog life" starts in 1996 with Imke, a wonderful long-stocked German Shepherd bitch. Two years later the first Kooikerhondje Mandy moved in and excited us from the first moment. Until today I remain loyal to my beloved breed.

Since 2003 I am taking care of breeders from different breedclubs and VDH with their puppies. Since 2006 I am also licensed Ringteammember of the VDH.

In 2007 my career as a specialist judge began as I successfully passed the exam to judge Kooikerhondje. But it should not stay with the Kooikerhondje. Meanwhile, I am a specialist judge for Dutch Shepherds, all Spaniel and Retriever breeds, Whippets as well as for Kromfohrländer. I am a member of the judges committee of the breed clubs for Kromfohrländer and Dutch shepherd dogs. I have already judged in many countries in Europe, so far in Belgium, Austria, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. Especialy the clubshows in some countries have been the highlight for me to judge.

I am not only active in Germany, but also in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, not only as a judge but also as a showmanager and ringsecretary.

I would like to thank the VDH very much for the nice invitation and the trust to judge at the German Winner Show 2017!

Dr. Abderrahim EL BAROUDI
Dr. Abderrahim EL BAROUDI

Born 10-10-1949 in Marrakech -Morocco
1970-1976: PhD in Veterinary National School of Lyon -France
1976-1980: Master's Assistant Professor of Edncation in the Veterinary
National School of Lyon -France
1980 -1983: Research Professor in the Institute of Agronomy and Veterin  Hassan II-Rabat -Morocco
1983-2004: Veterinary Doctor Specialist Pets and Horses
Clinic of specialties EL BAROUDI Casablanca -Morocco
1981-1986: General Secretary of the Kennel Club of Morocco (National Federation)
1982-2016: President ofthe Moroccan Sloughi Club
1986-2016: President of the Kennel Club of Morocco (National Federation) 1996 -2016: President of the Moroccan Club of Hunting Dogs
1982: Judge of Sloughi.
1990: Judge ofGerman Sheperd.
1992: Judge Group 1 and group 10.
1994: Judge 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th group
1999: Judge ofworking hunting dogs: Field Trial
2000: Judge 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th group.
2002: Judge All breeds.
1994-2016: Chairman of the Board of Judges of Morocco.
1990-2016: lntemationalJudge FCI in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Gibraltar, Gennany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, FinlandrHungary, India, Russia, Brasil, Emirate United Arab.
1998: Judge in Euro Dog Show Genova ltaly
2000: Judge in Word Dog Show Milan Italy
2001: Judge in Word Dog Show Porto Portugal
2002: Judge in Word Dog Show Amsterdam Holland
2003: Judge in Word Dog Show Donmund Germany
2003: Judge i.n National Championship Strasbourg France .
2006: Judge in International Dog Show Le Bourget France.
2008: Judge in Euro Dog Show Budapest Hungary.
2011: Judge in Word Dog Show Paris France
2013: Judge in Word Dog Show Budapest Hungary
2015: Judge in Word Dog Show Milano
1981-2005: Breeder of German Sheperd, Beauceron, Boxer, Rottweiler, German Pointer, Labrador, Yorkshire Terrier 

Alexey Belkin
Alexey Belkin

Alexey Belkin is an all-breed RKF-FCI judge. Mr. Belkin has started his judging career in 1994. Alexey Belkin has always had dogs in his family: airedale terrier, schnauzer, giant schnauzer. Now Alexey is breeding Labradors. He is a breeder of Labradors for 14 years. Alexey Belkin is the organizer of the largest CACIB Dog Show in Russia "Season in Nizhny" for more than 20 years.

Mr. Belkin is a president of the National Breed Club of Nizhny Novgorod, Vice-President of the Russian Amateur Dog Federation (RFLS). Alexey Belkin is a member of the Russian Kynological Federation Board and a chairman of the RKF Show Commission.

Alexey Belkin has judges in more than 90 countries all over the world.

Ozan Belkıs
Ozan Belkıs

Mr. Ozan Belkıs, born in 1968, lived already as a kid between breeds like Basset Hound, Airedale Terrier or Great Dane.

He was the first Turkish exhibitor showing his dogs at international level and at World or European Dog shows.

Ozan Belkis is one of the proud founders and since 2008 he is the Vice-president of the Turkish Kennel Club.

One of his big passions in kinology is to breed Miniature Schnauzer and Black Russian Terrier and Cane Corso.

Ozan Belkis is the chairman of the Judging and Shows committee of the Turkish Kennel Club.

Hans van den Berg
Hans van den Berg

I started showing dogs about 55 years ago. My first showdog was a welsh terrier and i was very proud with the qualification very good!

My second showdog was a scottish terrier and at her first show she won best bitch at the Dutch Scottish Terrier Club.

Later on i made up many champions and cc winners in scotties, norfolk terriers and chihuahua’s.

Judging started in 1978 and since then i have travelled around the world.

I will never forget the first time i judged at a worldshow and that was in….Germany.

I judged at many world-and european shows afterwards and i’m always exited to have so many excellent dogs in the ring.

Apart from all my activities at the continent i’m proud to judge next year BIS in England for the fifth time.

Satoshi Bessho
Satoshi Bessho

Qualification in the Dog World

FCI All-Breed Judge
AKU All-Breed Judge
JKC All-Breed Judge

JKC President

Breeding Career

Familiar with dogs since childhood, and was involved in showing Akitas, Japanese Spitz, and German Shepherd Dogs at the age of 10.

Began breeding Pomeranians in 1975, and after that, has been also involved in breeding German Shepherd Dogs, Papillons, Toy Poodles, Standard Poodles, and so on.

Judging Career

Approved as a breed judge for Pomeranians in 1980, and has become an all-breed judge in 2002.

Has been judging at many shows throughout Japan including the FCI International Dog Shows and JKC National Pomeranian Specialty Shows.  

Has also judged in many countries including the FCI World Dog Show in Italy in 2015, as well as shows in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Cyprus, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, India, China and South Africa.

Peter Beyersdorf
Peter Beyersdorf

I am being active as a judge since 1980. Judging at the beginning all Spanielbreeds, later the breeds of the FCI groups 6, 7 and 8 nearly all over Europe, specialized for the following breeds:
All 9 Spanielbreeds, Beagle, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pointer and the 5 Setterbreeds as well as Kooikerhondje.

Countries where I have judged: United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

I have judged on the World Dog Shows in Vienna (two times), in Brno, in Bern, in Dortmund (two times) in Poznan and in Salzburg. Other highlights were judging in Malvern on the "West English Ladies Kennel Club"-Show and on the first show according to the F.C.I.-regulations and with the award of the CACIB in Dublin 1995.

I was chairman of the "European Spaniel Association" for two years, 22 years president of the German Jagdspaniel-Klub and I was a board member of the German Kennel Club VDH for over 15 years (1991 - 2006). As a member of the show committee, the committee of jugdes and breedstandards as well as a assessor at the Association court, even today I am still closely connected with the VDH.

I have written a few articles for some dog & hunting magazines and also for our Kennel Club Magazine, representing our breed. I have published several books such as "English Cocker Spaniel - these days", "Spaniels", "Dog Shows" last "Best in Show". Together with my wife I breed English Cocker Spaniels under the kennel name "Snoopy's".

Heike Bilsheim
Heike Bilsheim

Having lived with dogs all my life, I fell in love with Old English Sheepdogs as a young child, but it was not until 20 years later that I was able to own this wonderful breed. Our first Old English was born in 1984. As we started showing, our four-legged family grew. Today my husband and I share our home with 10 Old English Sheepdogs. Our daughter Sophia is also involved in the dogs and enjoys showing. More than 30 years ago our kennel was registered under the prefix „aus dem Rotmaintal“. We have bred almost 50 litters up to date and finished several champions over the years. All our breeding stock mainly goes back to American bloodlines. In our breeding program health has always played an important role.
I have served on the committee of the German „Club für Britische Huetehunde“ many years in various positions and also organized several shows and specialties. I was licensed to judge Old English and Welsh Corgis in 2005. Collies, Bearded Collies, Border Collies and Shelties followed. Besides my home country I have judged in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United States of America.

I am honoured to have been invited to judge Border Collies at the German Winner Show 2017 and look forward to seeing some wonderful dogs of this breed.

Birgit Bischoff
Birgit Bischoff

Birgit Bischoff got her first dog on January 1st 1990, making that day to her still one of the most beautiful days in her life. A day that also changed the course of her life not only her private life in which she spents vast amounts of time with her beloved world of dogs but also made her choose veterinary medicine as her profession.

Mrs. Bischoff is a member of the German Pinscher and Schnauzer Club since 1990. Furthermore she is a voting member in several boards (local group 2003-2008, country group 2003-current, main board of PSK 2008-current). She also is one of the founding members of the FCI Youth and is a member of the VDH-Youth group since 2015.

Her cynological career started in 2001 when she judged Juniorhandling competitions on a national and an international level as well as country finals. Having started with dogshows as a child, it is a matter close to her heart to give teenagers support and especially help them with their first steps in the world of dogs . So she gave show-handling lessons for all breeds, for juniors and grown ups as well. In 2010 Mrs. Bischoff became VDH Expert Judge for Miniature Schnauzer, Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer, Affenpinscher, Miniature Pinscher and German Pinscher. In 2015 she got the license to judge Poodles. At the moment she is in the apprenticeship to become a judge for FCI Group II.

So far, Mrs Bischoff judged in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Denmark, Estland, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United States of America and Russia.

Regina Blessing
Regina Blessing

„Growing up with an Irish Red Setter, my way of life was determined to be a life with dogs. When I got married with my husband Rolf, our honeymoon should be a trip to Italy, but instead of this trip, we visited a Bearded Collie breeder, fell in love with a puppy and from this time on my life was never without an own dog. First we were exhibitors  on dog shows, later we worked for our breed club as secretary, etc. , following as judges for all breeds in our Club f. British Sheepdog. Now I’m group judge for FCI Gr. 1, on the way to Gr. 5 and specialist now for 45 breeds. A new adventure in my judges life was my education for all Pinschers and Schnauzers in FCI G.2.   I have judged in several european countries, from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg to Russia and Czech Republic, from Finland, Norway, Sweden to England and Irland.“

František Bouček
Czech Republic
František Bouček

My first meeting with sighthounds was in 1981, when I met my wife Alice. She was already an experienced breeder of Afghan hound. Her kennel – ze Zličinských luk- is one of the oldest kennel of Afghab hound in the Czech republic since 1972.

In 1995 I became an interational judge and I have been judging the whole group of X.FCI sighthounds for the past 22 years. Dutiny my career as judge I judged  many international, national and special dog show throughout the Europe. Besides I aslo judged special dog show Nationale Elevague and European Dog Show.

Afghan hound has bečíme my lifelong quide and thank to this breed and judging I met so many nice and friendly people and traveled a great chunk of the world.

Jean Brixhe
Jean Brixhe

Borzoï Breeder since 1970, I  have bred many Champions, as World Champions, FCI European Champions, International, Belgian, German, French, Dutch, Swiss, Italian, Austrian … Champions.

I am licensed to judge since 1979 and I am a Sighthounds specialist.

I have been organizing many Dog Shows in Belgium among them the FCI EURO SIGHTHOUND SHOWS 2007 and 2016.

I am also Secretary-general of the FCI EUROSIGHTHOUND  Committee.

I was member of the Committee of the Royal Belgian Kennel Club, Société Royale Saint-Hubert (1981-2016) and, presently, President of the Royal Belgian Sighthound Club (founded 1902).

I am also an Egyptologist and I have realised some publications about dogs in ancient Egypt.

Dagmar Brommont-Lothary
Dagmar Brommont-Lothary

Here are a few words about my experience in Bull Breeds and judging.

My name is Dagmar Brommont-Lothary. I`m 47 years old and a professional dog groomer since more than 20 years.

Since I was a school girl I was always interested in Bull Breeds and I started breeding Bull Terriers in 1995 with my affix Amadis.
I bred a few Champions and showed them successfully on the Continent and in the UK.

In 2008 I got 2 adult UK Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bitches with whom I started to show and to breed.
In the first litter that I got were 3 brindle bitches. All of them became Champions.
In the second litter I bred Siegfried von Amadis who won 2 times the Terrier Group in big International Shows and a few CCs.

In addition to the Staffordshire Bull Terriers me and my husband Ortlieb are breeding successfully Miniature Bull Terriers.
One of the most famous bitches of the last years is CH Tiffany Bonsai von Amadis who won nearly everything that`s to win.
Our bitch CH ZoZo Bonsai von Amadis got the bitch CC at CRUFTS in 2015. Both bitches are UK Champions.
Our young bitch Kinga Bonsai von Amadis won her first UK CC at the Welsh Kennel Club Show 2016 and won her big class at CRUFTS this year. Her kennel mate Midget Bonsai von Amadis got Best Puppy at CRUFTS 2017.

I`m judge since 2012 and during the years I judged Bull Breeds in Germany and a few other countries.
I feel very honored that I`m elected to judge the Bull Terriers and the American Staffordshire Terrier at the German Winner Show in Leipzig 2017.

Jens Bruse
Jens Bruse

My name is Jens Bruse. I was born at 1968 in Greifswald (Germany).
From childhood on I´m associated with dogs. I have dogs with pedigree since 1985.
My first dog with pedigree was a Pekingese. Then follow Chihuahua and Papillon, who I´m many years bred. In over 9 years I´m breeding together with my wife Bichon Frisé only.

1996 I got my licence to judge many breeds of toydogs of FCI Group IX and Schipperke.
In 2012 I have extended my licence to judge for all dog of FCI Group IX.

In all the time for judging I was in many countries for national and international shows. For example Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherland, Poland, Czechia and Switzerland and Germany of course too.
And I´m looking forward for the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig,Germany.

It´s every interesting for me to see so many dogs of the other countries and I think it is very important to exchange the experience with the breeder and judges.

Pierluigi Buratti
Pierluigi Buratti


Samoyed  “ Del Baffin ” since 30 years (Produce many Italian,European and Mondial Champions)

All European Country
South America (Colombia-Brasile-Argentina-Peru’)


Mother Tongue – Italian

Employed by Italian School as Dental Technician Teacher
Presidente of CIRN ( The Italian Club of Nordic Dogs ) since a lot of years
Judge F.C.I. since 1997 / Judge All Rounde

Regula Bürgi
Regula Bürgi

Seit ich in den Kinderschuhen stand, begleiten mich die Hunde tagtäglich. Ich bin in einer Hundefamilie aufgewachsen. Meine Eltern züchten seit über 40 Jahren Berner Sennenhunde und bin in die Aufzucht von 66 Würfen miteinbezogen worden. Durch diesen engen Kontakt zu den Hunden konnte ich es nicht verhindern, dass ich vom Hundevirus angesteckt wurde.

Als ich genug alt und vor allem gross war, durfte ich in der Welt der Ausstellungen schnuppern, was mich dazu bewog, auch einen Teil davon sein zu wollen. So begann ich sehr früh, regelmässig Aufgaben im Ring zu übernehmen. Dies führte dazu, dass ich den Weg zur Richterausbildung ging. Seit 2002 bin ich ausgebildete Richterin für Berner Sennenhunde und seit 2015 für Appenzeller. Zur  Zeit bin ich in der Ausbildung für den Grossen Schweizer Sennenhund. Mein Ziel ist es, die vier Sennenhunde-Rassen richten zu können.

Seit meiner Grundausbildung zur Richterin habe ich das Glück, regelmässig national und international im Einsatz zu sein. In vielen Teilen Europas wie Skandinavien, Deutschland, Österreich, Frankreich, Belgien, Niederlande, Tschechien und Slowakei durfte ich viele Erfahrungen sammeln, sodass ich behaupten kann, eine globale Weitsicht dieser Rassen angeeignet zu haben.

Ich nehme die Aufgabe als Ausstellungsrichterin sehr ernst.  Sennenhunde sind Bauernhunde. Ihre Natürlichkeit und Bodenständigkeit sollen erhalten bleiben und ich versuche daher, dies im Ring durchzusetzen. Keine Hunderasse soll zu einem Trend werden. Daher ist es sehr wichtig, dass die Hunde dem Standard entsprechend und nicht nach den jeweiligen Trends bewertet werden.
Es ist für mich eine grosse Ehre, zu dieser grossen Ausstellung eingeladen worden zu sein und es wird in meiner Richterkarriere sicher einer meiner Highlights sein. Vielen Dank.

Catarina Castro

Dogs have been a very important part of my life since its very beginning.

In 2009 I became a breed’s judge, and have continued to learn more about dogs, such as their widespread utility and bond with mankind.

Working part-time at the Portuguese Kennel Club since 2013, and founder of our official Youth Group project, organising activities and human resources, and developing educational projects for young dog enthusiasts.

As one of the founding members of the FCI Youth, I will continue to work towards the expanding growth and awareness of a worldwide dog-caring humanity.

Luis Catalan
Luis Catalan

Born in Lisbon in 1955, Luis Catalan has had breed involvement with English and American Cocker, Basset Hound, Dobermann and Whippet. He is currently Vice-President of the Board of Clube Português de Canicultura (CPC), President of the CPC Show Committee, Member and Vice President of the FCI Show Committee and President of the Portuguese Spaniel Club.

International All Breeds Judge, he has officiated at Championship Dog Shows in the majority of the European countries. He has also judged in Australia, Asia, Canada, South America, USA and World and Section Shows.

As a speciality Judge (including national Specialities) he has been invited to judge and give formation in judge`s seminars on the following breeds: Portuguese Breeds, Basset Hound, Doberman, All Gundogs and Sight hounds in several European and America countries.

Fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Weng Woh Chan
Weng Woh Chan

Mr. Chan was the President of the Malaysian Kennel Association for two terms and has served as a director of MKA from1994 to 2009. For his contributions towards the MKA, he was made a Honorary Life Member.  A qualified Examiner for MKA judges Training Scheme and has served in the capacity of Chairman of Judges and Steward Sub Committee. Internationally he was a delegate for the FCI and AKU conferences, served in the Committee for AKU Judging Manual. In 2013, Mr. Chan was given the honour by FCI under the directive from President FCI Asian Section to inspect the new Iran Kennel Club.

He has shown or bred Pekingese, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher, Pug, Miniature Poodle, Whippet, Toy Poodle, Lhasa Apso  and Smooth Fox Terrier. He has shown many Champions and BIS winners. He is a licensed International All Breeds Judge of the MKA, AKU and FCI. He had given CACIB, CAC, CC or judged in 65 countries around the world in the continents of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. Some of the biggest dog shows he has judged were the WDS Russia 2016 (judged BIG 6), Brisbane Royal 2016( judged BIS), EDS Norway 2015(judged BIG 9),  Canadian Kennel Club Purina Invitational 2010, World Dog Show 2009(judged BIG 9 Junior), Brisbane Royal 2004, Adelaide Royal 2006, Hobart Royal 2007, New Zealand National Dog Show 2003, the National Dog Show in Canada, Champion of Champions at the Kennel Union of South Africa and Pedigree/Ozdog Top Dog of Australia 2004.

He has judged specialties of the following breeds; Pekingese, Poodles( WDS-Solvakia & Russia, Sweden, Czech Rep, Japan, Taiwan,Denmark, Australia), Newfoundland (Germany), Pomeranians(Thailand, Russia, Indoenesia, Japan, EDS-Sweden) , Boston Terriers(Canada), Pugs(USA, Argentina, Canada, Thailand), American Staffordshire Terrier, Yorkshire Terriers, Labradors, Golden Ret, Thai Ridgeback, Thai Bangkeaw, Shih Tzu, Papillion, Siberian Husky, Beagle, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dog, GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler, American Cocker Spaniel, Pekingese, Chinese Crested Dog, Alaskan Malamute, Beagle, Alaskan, Fila Brasilla, Mexican Hairless, British Bulldog, Australia Shepherd, French Bulldogs, Shetland Sheepdog, Pembroke Corgi, American Akita and Dachunds.

His future assignments are WDS 2017 Germany, Poland, Czech Rep, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina,India, Thailand, China, Australia

Francesco Cochetti
Francesco Cochetti

Born in year 1963 in Rome, Italy, in a “dog family”, his father was a judge and bred together with mother Poodles with the prefix “Della Perla Grigia”.
His affix “Di San Gimignano” was recognized by the Italian Kennel Club in the year 1984. San Gimignano is a beautiful medieval town in Toscany. At that time he bred Poodles, the lines came from England, from Tiopepi Kennel. He began to breed and show Chihuahuas year 1996 after marrying a Chihuahua breeder Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti (Misty Meadow’s Chihuahuas). He has also bred in the past Dobermann and Boston Terrier.
They have won many Championship titles with their Chihuahuas and Poodles including World and European Winners. Together with his wife he bred more than 500 Champions.

He became a judge in year 1992 and in March 2013 he became an all rounder.
He is listed in Italian Kennel Club (ENCI) a specialist in the all toy breeds and most of the terriers. He is also a teacher of these breeds to new judges. He is currently breeding Jack Russell Terriers in a small scale as well.

At the moment he is the President of the Rome Kennel Club and board member of the Italian Maltese and Bolognese Club and in the past he has been board member of Club Cani Compagnia (Italian Toydogs Club) and the president of the Chihuahua Club (under Club Cani Compagnia).

He has judged all over the world, in more than 50 different countries, including World and European Shows. He has judged BIS in the most prestigious shows around the world and he had the honor to judge the group nine final at the European Show 2012.

He has participated as a judge at the most important specialties for Toy and Terrier breeds and Italian breeds.

He is the writer of a Chihuahua’s book which has been translated in different languages.
He has been often the lecturer for seminars organized also abroad, for Bolognese Maltese, Chihuahua, Poodle and Jack Russell Terrier.

Laura Cox
Laura Cox

I have bred, owned & shown Bull Terriers, with my husband Gerard for the past 30 years. We have had many UK, Irish & International champions in both standard & miniature Bull Terriers.

I  judge all Terrier breeds at National & International FCI level & also Group 3 (Terrier Group), Specialising in Bull Terriers Standard & Miniature. I am qualified to judge FCI Groups 3,6,7,8 & 10 &  judge Best In Show at FCI International level.

I judged extensively in Europe & have awarded CC’s to both standard & miniature Bull Terriers in the UK.

We continue to show & breed standard & miniatures.

Lokodi Csaba Zsolt
Lokodi Csaba Zsolt

Lokodi Csaba Zsolt has been showing and breeding Airedale and Welsh Terriers for thirty years. Since 1987 his dogs were known as "Nyaradmenti", then he decided to merge his kennel with the "Happytails" kennel( His dogs have been consistently successful around the world, with Champions in many countries (Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Estonia), many International Champions and European and World Winners. He also shows and breeds Dachshunds (Wire). Since 2008 he was approved as an FCI all round judge and he is the founding member of the National Terrier and Dachshund Club of Romania (CNTT). He is the organiser of the DraculaDogShows ( held annually on the grounds of the Medieval Castle.

Cathy Delmar
Cathy Delmar

I have served on the General Council of The Irish Kennel Club for over 30 years. During that time I have been a Director of The IKC, Chairman of the Judges Committee on which I was the longest serving member. Over the years I have served as Secretary on many Canine events including The IKC Charity Committee, The Irish Breeds Society and The Kerry Blue Club.

In partnership with my family I have been a successful breeder and presenter of pedigree dogs achieving the highest awards in the show ring.

I am an FCI All Breeds Judge and have been privileged to have judged worldwide at top events including FCI World Shows and Crufts.

Sean Delmar
Sean Delmar
  • FCI European Section Committee
  • President ,Irish Kennel Club
  • Chairman, Irish Breeds Society
  • Consultant to state best practices body Quality & Qualifications(Ireland semi-state body)
  • FCI All Breeds International Judge
  • IKC delegate to FCI

I have judged in over 50 countries in all Continents, including FCI World and Section Shows, Crufts, Eukanuba World Challenge, USA, Canada and Australia.

My family prefix, ‘Shillelagh’ Kennels (1950), is one of the most successful terrier kennels in Ireland achieving Top Dog (All Breeds), Top Breeder, Top Sire,  having  consistently  produced  top winning terriers in Ireland over 50 years.

I also have a lifetime commitment to promoting the breeds of Irish origin.
Nationally,  I would be associated with animal welfare and veterinary groups with particular interest in all type  of assist dogs.

‘A life time passion for dogs and the way they enrich our lives is my driving force’

Sylvie Desserne
Sylvie Desserne

Born into a family where animals took pride of place, from a very early age I was always surrounded by four-legged friends and mostly by our pet Pointers and Poodles.

As soon my finances permitted, I bought my first show dog and was quickly smitten by the idea of starting a small kennel and that was when the "Vilfloriane" affix was created. Shih tzu, then King Charles and Cavaliers King Charles spaniels become my life. I bred many champions mainly Charlies and Cavaliers.

Thus started a passion that was to influence the rest of my life, not always I might add with the family's approval as dogs tend to take over your whole existence. They can take you around the world, first as an exhibitor and then as a judge.

Although my first breed, the King Charles, will always hold a special place in your heart, I have developed a passion for all breeds.  It has now become impossible not to feel a thrill when I am standing in front of an outstanding exhibit whatever the breed.

Jürgen Dimen
Jürgen Dimen

My name ist Jürgen Dimen, I am 40 years old and I’m living in Durmersheim (Germany). From the earliest childhood I was always surrounded with dogs and grew up with them. They accompanied me all my life, to this day.

Since January 2006 I am a member of the Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895 e.V. and joined the local group Karlsruhe, Rastatt und Umgebung. Since the beginning of the membership, I have always followed the club's activities with great interest and have been actively involved in the preparations for the events of our group. From January 2008 to February 2010, I was the second chairman of the OG Karlsruhe, Rastatt und Umgebung. Since February 2010, I am the first chairman of this locality group. At the annual general meeting of the Landesgruppe Baden in February 2012, I was elected as the 2nd Chairman of LG Baden. Since February 21, 2016, I am the first chairman of the Landesgruppe Baden.

The kennel “vom Leonhardter Hof”does exist since December 1972. Black Standard Schnauzer bred since then. In July 2007 I became a co-owner. Since that time we breed Standard Schnauzer, black and Miniatureschnauzer, black. Since January 2011 the kennel-name "vom Leonhardter Hof" has international name-protection.

In November 2011 I started training as a PSK breed inspector and was able to transfer the certificate in June 2012 under the supervision of our breed inspector of the Landesgruppe Baden.

On June 29, 2012, I personally presented myself to the PSK executive board in Alsfeld-Eudorf and became a candidate. The preliminary examination took place on the occasion of the Bundessieger exhibition at the October 13, 2012 in Dortmund, which I successfully consisted. I was appointed as a judge and I was able to start my training from December 1st, I successfully passed the written final examination on March 7, 2014 in Kirchheim.

The PSK Ortsgruppe Odenwald-Tauber organized the practical final examination on 13 July 2014. Under the supervision of the Examination Board, I passed my practical final examination.

Since then I have been invited several times by PSK local groups for judging, I was already active on international exhibitions.

I am really looking forward to be able to judge your dogs at the German Winner Show in Leipzig.

Rony Doedijns
Rony Doedijns

I am involved in the Dog World now for many years. My own breed is Finnish Spitz and Tibetan Terriers. When I was 15 years old I received from my parents my first pedigree dog. This was a Finnish Spitz male puppy bred in Holland. I started showing him and I always say that my first Finnish Spitz was responsible for getting me so deep in the Dog World.

During the years I imported several Finnish Spitz from the country of origin Finland.
I started breeding Finnish Spitz. I owned or bred several Dutch and international champions, FCI European Champions and FCI World Champions in Finnish Spitz.

Since may 2007 I was inaugurated by the Dutch Kennel Club as the third all-rounder in the Netherlands, allowed to judge all breeds at championship show level. I am first Dutch judge who completed breed exams in all the 10 FCI groups. I have judged Best in Show and all FCI groups at international level in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2008 I judge BIS at the Dog of the Year show in the Netherlands.

I have judged in most of the European Countries, UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa, Russia and USA. For more than 35 years I am a member of SCANDIA the breed club for Scandinavian Spitz breeds in the Netherlands. I’m a member of the British Kennel Club.

For many years I’m one of the commentators at the International Amsterdam Winner Show. I did the commentary at the European Show 2011.

In 2009 I judged Best in Show at the Amsterdam Winner show. One of the biggest Dog shows in the Europe. The board of the Dutch Kennel Club give the big honor to be the “Best in Show” judge for the FCI World Dog Show 2018 in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

For my profession, I’m Managing Director (CEO) for the Dutch Kennel Club. Team member of the comity that will run the World Dog Show in 2018 in the Netherlands.
For the Dutch Kennel Club, I’m chairman of the Dog of the year Show in the Netherlands, the most important TOP DOG event in the country!

I’m board member (Winner team) of the Amsterdam Winner Show. The biggest and oldest Dog Show in the Netherlands.

Margit van Dorssen
Margit van Dorssen

My name is Margit van Dorssen and I live in Cologne, Germany. I am married and I have one daughter.

It’s a big honour for me to judge the World Dog Show this year here in Leipzig, in the motherland of the breed and I would like to express my gratitude to the FCI and VDH for their kind invitation.

I started judging German Shepherd Dogs in 1996. My kennel "von Arlett" will be 39 years old in October. The most successful dogs from my kennel were “Ulk von Arlett”, “Ghandi Arlett” and “Huppy von Arlett”.

My basic philosophy is to breed dogs with excellent structure that still can be used as working dogs in the true sense of the word. In Germany, we call this the “Universal Conception”; breeding a dog that has an excellent anatomy combined with good working abilities. Making them capable in various fields, from sport, to detection, to police work to search & rescue.

The "von Arlett" breeding program has often utilized sable dogs. In my experience, the sable colour improves the pigmentation.

I would like to submit my greetings to all Shepherd Dog lovers worldwide and I hope that everybody participating in this show will have the expected success.

Margit van Dorssen

Margit van Dorssen’s « vita » with dogs

Active as a breeder since 1978, approximately 200 litters bred
Appointed as a judge in 1996, around 250 shows judged
Körmeister since 2001, conducted approximately 60 breed surveys in Germany and around the world.
Siegershows judged in approximately 25 different countries.
V-A dogs from the "von Arlett"-kennel in German sieger shows: Ulk, Huppy, Ghandi, Peperoni

27 progeny groups with "von Arlett"-fathers in German sieger shows (Agent, Joker, Ulk, Flick, Nicco, Huppy, Rickor, Ghandi, Flipp)

"von Arlett" breeding groups: 14 entries, 2 x 2nd places, 3 x 3rd places. 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd place with all-sable groups

Organizer of the BSZS 1997, setting precedence for a record number of entries.

Breeder of several universal siegers that competed successful at regional and national championships.

Jean-Jacques DUPAS
Jean-Jacques DUPAS

Activity for the Kennel Club :

  • President of Club St Hubert du Nord (Kennel Club for the north of France)
  • Secretary of the Club du Caniche de France
  • Member of the committee of the French Kennel Club (SCC)
  • Judge all breeds, 1st nomination in 1989.
  • I was
    • President of the Afghan and Saluki French Club
    • President of the Greyhound French Club
    • President of the Poodle Club in France
    • Secretary of the Bergers des Pyrénées and Pyrenean Mountain Dog French Club
    • Secretary of the French Kennel Club (SCC)

What I have done with the dogs :

  • Owner and handler of Afghans (one of my dog was showed with success in USA in 1983)
  • Owner and handler of Berger des Pyrenees
  • Owner of Shih Tsu
  • I have presented myself my dogs in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Tchecoslovaquie, Austria, Yougoslavia, Spain, Italy, Portugal.

I have judged in:

France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Danemark, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, USA, Tchequie, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Slovaquie, Lithuania, Monaco, Russia, Ukrainia, Croatia, Latvia, Australia, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Indonesia, Thaïland, Iceland; Khazakstan....

Hans-Joachim Dux
Hans-Joachim Dux

For over 40 years, Herr Dux has been, and remains, actively involved as a member of the Verein Für Deutsche Schäeferhunde (SV) and at a SV Regional Branch level as Protection Helper, Training Supervisor, Breed Warden and Chairman.

For 16 years he has been a member of the SV breeding committee. The SV breeding committee is responsible for breeding, breed survey, assessments at exhibitions and specialty shows, education of officiating conformation judges and  breed wardens.

He has, since 1970, been a breeder and exhibitor of German shepherd Dogs, his kennel (de Intercanina) has obtained numerous victories.

In addition to German Shepherds Mr. Dux also owned Schnauzer Gigante, Great Danes and Lebreles.

His judge-education began in 1996 as an SV spezialist judge and later as an special judge for White Swiss Shepherds. In 2006 he became a member in "DWZRV" (German Sighthound Club). He is moreover a specialist judge for Afghan Hound, Chart Polski, Irish Wolfhound and Saluki, Cirneco dell’Etna, Podenco Canario, Podenco Ibicenco, Podengo Portugues, Pharaoh Hound, Kritikos Lagonikos, Podenco Andaluz, Taigan, Silken Windsprite.

Mr. Dux is approved by the FCI to judge the FCI Group 1 (Working Dogs), FCI Group 2 (Pinscher and Schnauzer) and FCI Group 10 (Sighthounds) and is the first SV GSD specialist judge in Germany qualified as an FCI Group judge.

Mr. Dux has gained extensive international judging appointments which included the World Dog Show 2007 in Mexico and European Dog Show. He has judged around the globe in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nederland, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Turkey and USA.

Jochen H. Eberhardt
Jochen H. Eberhardt

Born 1943 in Heidelberg, Germany. Studied Law, Engineering and Architecture in Heidelberg, Geneva (Switzerland) and Karlsruhe. Profession: Architect. Languages: English (active, fluent), French (active, somewhat rusty). Married, one son (36).

Started with Beagles in 1970, first Beagle litter in 1975, Kennel Name 'True Line's ... (FCI)', shared by wife Silke. Until 1994 raised 76 litters of beagles. Owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Added Border Terriers to the family in 1993, bred two successful Border Terrier litters. In 2004 added Lagotto Romagnolo to our pack. Our successful Lagotti sired many champions at home, abroad and overseas. Bred four litters of Lagotti Romagnoli. Present pack consists of 7 Lagotti Romagnoli from two to eleven years. All our dogs have always lived with us in the house.

Wrote books on the Beagle (2), Rhodesian Ridgeback (1) and Collie & Sheltie (1), many and regular contributions in dog magazines.

In 1985 was elected Honorary Advisor to the German Kennel Club (Verband fuer das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V., VDH) on breeding and registration matters until 2004.
Delegated into the FCI Breeding Commission in 1998, since then presiding this Commission until 2004.

Started judging beagles in 1974, went on to become specialist judge for a total of 30 breeds by 1992 and was appointed as All Breed Judge in 1995. Has so far judged a total of over 64.000 dogs in 43 countries, appointments currently reach into December 2018.

Günther Ehrenreich
Günther Ehrenreich

Since my early childhood dogs are an important part of my life. Had my first dog at the age of 15 years in 1972 , it was a Dalmatian. Was not a really a showdog but an excellent stud dog. Had some other breeds, Borzoi, Miniature Schnauzer in black silver and my last dog was a Parson Russell Terrier. Because of business I have no dog in my home at the moment. In 1985 I had a litter from my Mini Schnauzer black-silver, was one of the first at this time in Austria, the color was very new at this time. In 1992 I did my judging exam and was judging the first 10 years only Schnauzers and Pinschers.

Now I´m qualified to judge the groups 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10. From group 8 all Retrievers and Dalmatians from group 6. Right now I´m in training for the Spaniel breeds. Was judging in most of all European countries, also some prestigious Shows, as IDC – World Dobermann Show (2 times), Eurasia in Moscow (2 times), European Dog Show in Tulln, World Dog Shows  in Salzburg, Budapest and in Milano 2015. Last year in Moscow I was honoured to judge Dalmatians, Griffon Bruxelois, Border Terrier,  Bedlington Terrier and Giant Schnauzer black & BOB.

Looking forward to spent a wonderful time  at the World Dog Show in Leipzig this year.

Wolfgang Eickert
Wolfgang Eickert

I was born in 1963 in Hamburg, I come from a family with a background of working with hunting dogs. In my early days I lived with my parents and grandfather who was a forester. He bred and worked with different hunting breeds including Large Munsterlander, Griffon and Wire Haired Dachshund. After completing my studying in 1990 and building a home I had my first English Setter in 1995 as a companion. In 1996 I became a member of the Verein für Pointer and Setter (the German Pointer and Setter Club) and a member of the English Setter Association in 1999.

I became interested in both the showing and working of English Setters and in 1998 in spring I had my second English Setter as a puppy.  I chose this dog specially as he was of pure English breeding, bred in Belgium, as no pure English lines existed in Germany at that time.  He became my first show dog and also passed his working test.  In order to pass the working test I first had to learn to become a hunting man, gaining my state license. This dog became a full champion because of his success in both hunting and showing.  He was an International Champion, European Winner and Amsterdam Winner.

One year later my third English Setter, Ferngate Hill Breeze arrived from Belgium aged 8 years old  and he was also a successful show dog.  His son Yannan of North Downs became my 4th English Setter and my 3rd champion.  He was an important stud dog and brought English bred lines into Germany again. He is the grandfather of Mariglen Mercedes and Mariglen Audi.  Up to date I have made up 6 champions.

Having shown my dogs for a few years, I was asked by the Chairman of Verein für Pointer and Setter if I wished to become a judge in the 4 setter breeds and English Pointers. I said yes and then had to complete a lot of training in preparation.  This included stewarding, organising shows, and passing modules in health, genetics, conformation  and movement at the German Kennel Club (VDH school) in Dortmund.  Having passed these introductory tests, the next stage was to take the examination which would allow me to start as a judges assistant. In August 2009 I took and passed my practical and theory exams at Verein für Pointer and Setter under VDH rules, passing with very high marks. On 1st September 2009 I was appointed by the VDH as a judge for Setters and Pointers to award CAC/CACIB.

My first show as a judge was in March 2010 in Leverkusen and since then I have judged many times in Germany.  I have also judged in Belgium and Switzerland.

Since 2005 I have visited England every year to watch one or more shows, including Crufts several times, Windsor, National Gundog, etc.
Over the years I have become close friend to breeders and exhibitors in England and I enjoy my vistis very much.

Until today my most famous judgeing was the Bundessieger Show in October 2015.

Espen Engh
Espen Engh

Espen Engh was born into a family where greyhounds have been part of everyday life since 1955, both his mother and his grandmother being keen greyhound fans.

The first litter carrying the Jet’s prefix was bred by Espen and his late mother Kari in 1975. Since then 40 greyhound litter have been born at Jet’s, all from the same original bitch line. The kennel has made up 203 individual homebred greyhound champions with more than 730 champion titles in 62 different countries, including 98 FCI International champions. The Jet’s bitch line includes a unique nine consecutive generations of Best in Show winning international champion bitches. The Jet’s greyhounds have also won BOB at most major all-breeds shows around the world, such as the FCI World Show, Crufts and Westminster. Int.Ch. Jet’s Once Upon A Dream was Norway’s Dog of the Year all breeds in 2001, Int.Ch. Jet’s Something In The Way U Smile in 2003, Int.Ch. Jet’s Just Take Me Home Tonight in 2013 and Int.Ch. Jet’s Man in the Moon in 2016.

The Jet’s also include several top winning homebred champions in Griffon Bruxellois and Petit Brabancon. In total eleven Jet-bred dogs have been made up champions in the UK and even more in the US.

Espen judged his first dog show in 1984 and was approved to judge at championship show level in 1987. He was authorized to judge all breeds by the Norwegian Kennel Club and the FCI in 2011. Judging appointments have taken him to more than 95 countries, including all-breed championship show Best in Show appointments in more than 60 of these.

Appointments include more than twenty FCI title shows, including thirteen FCI World shows and several FCI European, Asian and Americas & Caribbean shows. He will judge at Crufts for the 6th time and Westminster for the 3rd time in 2017.

A veterinarian by education, Espen finished his Doctoral Thesis at the Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine. Specializing in comparative medicine, he is currently he is Director General of The National Committees for Research Ethics in Norway. He lives in Lier, Norway with his partner Åge Gjetnes and their 14 dogs.

Dan Ericsson
Dan Ericsson

I have been very actively involved in the world of show dogs for almost 50 years and I bred my first litter of Scottish Terrier puppies in 1971.My prefix is Raglan. Since then I have been faithful to the breed and I have up until now bred  157 champions  many of which have been exported to most parts of the world. In 2001 the homebred Scottie dog Ch Raglan Rory won Top Dog All Breeds in Sweden and in 2003 another Scottie bred here, Jane Miller’s Ch Raglan Rose Maiden at Brio, won Reserve BIS at Cruft’s having previously won Top Terrier in Britain.

I have also owned and shown BIS-winning Pekingese and have been involved in other terrier breeds, and in particular with West Highland White Terriers. For many years I have also had a special interest in Labrador Retrievers, another breed which I own, breed and show successfully culminating in many homebred show champions.

Over the years I have also been actively involved in various dog clubs and served on several kennel club committees, including breed standards and judging. For many years I was also president of the Swedish Terrier Club and The Scottish Terrier Club. Time permitting, I lecture on dogs and submit articles to various dog publications.

Judging has taken me around the world several times and I have been fortunate enough to judge at some of the world’s most prestigious events including many appointments at FCI World and European Shows (including several group appointments), but I am also delighted to be asked to judge on a regular basis in Britain and other countries worldwide. I judge most weekends every year all over the world and I am approved by the FCI to judge all breeds. I felt extremely honoured to judge the terrier group at Cruft’s in 2016 and also Best in Show at the famous Montgomery Terrier Show in Philadelphia, USA.

I have judged on all continents worldwide and look forward very much to judging at the prestigious shows in Leipzig this year

Andrea Ernst
Andrea Ernst

In 1973 my parents bought their first poodle, a black Dwarf Poodle. They began to exhibit him at shows. Of course, I was always with them and fell in love with black Miniature Poodles. I was absolutely in awe with the size and colour. After long talks with my parents, I convinced them that we must have a black Miniature Poodle in our household.  They purchased my first black Miniature Poodle in 1978 and with that, it all began!

I became a member in the Association of the German Poodle Friends or VDP in 1980.  In the same year I requested rights from the FCI to have the Kennel name “Vom Badener Rebland” protected.
In 1981 the first Miniature Poodles were born.

In the last thirty-six years my Poodles have had lots of successes in National and International Shows. So far, more than fiftyof them have become national and international Champions.

I have been a Poodle Judge since September 2002. Until 2005 I was only allowed to judge Poodles in Germany and after that also in other countries.

I judged in Austria, Czech, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Russia. It is very interesting to judge Poodles in different countries. Where else do you have a first hand chance to see and touch Poodles in different sizes and colours?  It makes me very happy when I am allowed to judge beautiful Poodles.  

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